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Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

02/07/2023 9:06am

The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is to assure - through intelligent architectural control of building design, placement, and construction - that Stagestop remains an attractive community, and to uphold and enhance property values.

All members who are doing any construction, modifications, painting, or roofing prior to beginning work shall submit an "Architectural Control Committee Request for Approval" form and a "Waiver of Responsibility" form. You can download both of these forms from this page.

Details the ACC will need:

  1. Building plans with dimensions
  2. Color of paint, siding, and roof
  3. Site map showing distances from all property lines to the new structure, well, & septic.
  4. Copies of your Park county permits

Once the ACC receives the above, they will review and will respond accordingly.

Please refer to the Declaration of Protective Covenants of Stagestop for the rules of compliance. You can download them from the "Covenants" page on this website.

If you see a covenant violation – please send a SIGNED complaint to the ACC and the ACC will address the problem as soon as possible

If there are any questions please contact a board member.




Jess Staten

(303) 241-2215

Members At Large Daniel Bernier

Members At Large

Larry Thomas

(303) 472-7447

ACC Documents

1)   Architectural Control Committee Request for Approval

2)   Waiver of Responsibility


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